Local TV journalism at its worst

A local FOX TV station in Boston caught the end of a car chase with a live helicopter shot and zoomed in just in time to see the Mass State Police pummel a man who had already surrendered and was on his knees on the ground. Most people would call this police brutality, but not WFXT. To their brilliant “journalist” describing the scene, police were “incorporating the arrest.”

Note the panic zoom out when the beating begins. Nothing like covering for the cops.

See that video here: http://huff.to/1UTYzAJ

Then watch the scrubbed version WFXT posted sometime later after getting pummeled themselves on social media: http://fox25.com/1rXyeGx.

Smooch-fest with Trump

The love fest between the commercial media and politicians has been growing and growing since ratings became more important than truth. This little tidbit shows just one example of how close the supposed “media” is with the people at the highest levels of politics and business.

As Jon Stewart once said of the relationship between TV media and politicians:  “it’s no longer a predator-prey relationship. It’s more like remoras and sharks.” referring to the small fish that feed off the bellies of sharks.

What is a Media Bigot?

A Media Bigot is someone who:

  • rails against what passes as journalism these days
  • throws rotten fruit and vegetables at the morons who get elevated to celebrity for no reason at all.
  • generally thumbs a nose at the TV, film and music industries for the garbage they call content.

Bottom line, if it’s mass media and it’s crap, Media Bigots are gonna point and laugh.